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Baja Crimea 2013. Start

Saturday, 25 May 2013 10:54

The international race Baja Crimea 2013 has started. It combines Ukrainian and Russian championships rounds. For G-Force Motorsport the race began quite successfully: Vladimir Vasilyev and Vitaly Yevtyekhov won the prologue (4 kiometers long), Boris Gadasin and Alexey Kuzmich came second, and Victor and Anatoly Volikovs were the third.

Владимир Васильев Борис Гадасин Виктор Воликов

Vladimir Vasilyev (#301): Everything is OK. The prologue was interesting,  swirling, a very entertaining warm-up. The car was going good, so everything is quite OK. We enjoyed the beginning.

-         Have you made your mood for tomorrow?

-         Sure! We must be in the racing mood every moment!

Victor Volikov (#305): Well, we liked it. We came to the open pit, looked at it – it seemed quite insipid… You know, some concrete or mud, inarable land… We thought, we had to party! In the very first turn we were on two wheels, spectators whooed, but we elated everybody! And ourselves, too – we praised ourselves for what we can do! And next  - I could call this a struggle against the circumstances. Not the well-advised riding… You could hardly find tracks on the blended white background, the only landmarks were the flagging, but not everywhere… So it was a wonder that we took all those twisted turns, and thanks to my co-driver we escaped any mistakes.

Boris Gadasin (#229): Well, everything was OK today and quite smooth, an interesting prologue… The only moment: there was some crazy open pit in the middle, and, unfortunately, a there a screen-wiper on the drivers’s side jumped off its holder, so we got zero visibility and had to drive very carefully through the second part of the track in order not to make a mistake. So everything is OK, the car is excellent and we are looking forward for tomorrow.

-         Have you got any novelties in the car?

-         Yes, during this race we are testing the water cooling of the breaks, we embedded both front and rear circuits. And if I got it right, the front circuit is being used for the first time in cross country. Those manufacturers’ teams that use something similar, they use only rear circuit of water cooling, and we use the rear one as well. Two independent circuits. Also we set an additional electric pump for the engine cooling so we could get to the finish even with the engine belt cut-off, I mean without a belt at all.

Baja Crimea 2013 official site

Live results: www.offroadsport.com.ua

Video from the prologue, the courtesy of NPR UKRAINE:


Photo: Svetlana Shakhova